Its Just Unfortunate That A Really, Really Talented Player Got Hurt In The Last Game Of The Year.

Oct 22, 2016  

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A Closer Look At Recognising Essential Aspects For Foot Surgery

"Its not only Mauro, its around the league, and they dont do anything about it or if they do something about it, then its not enough. important siteI look at the play with Mauro, maybe its a yellow card. I dont think it was a vicious tackle, but it was 33 games of that that I have concern with. If he didnt get kicked for 33 games, maybe that tackle is just another tackle." Sounders head coach Brian Schmetzer denied that his right back Tyrone Mears was going after Diaz on the fateful challenge late in the game. "Its just unfortunate that a really, really talented player got hurt in the last game of the year. But in no way, shape or form do we advocate going after their best players," Schmetzer told reporters. "We dont play like that. We want to play good soccer. Ive had the same argument when teams would target Clint [Dempsey] or [Nicolas] Lodeiro. But we dont play like that. When asked if the team had someone who could be a like-for-like replacement for Diaz, whose seven match-winning assists are tied for the league lead, Parejaresponded that it was a good question that he already had been thinking of for two days. "We always feel for any payer when they get injured or have any sort of physical issue or personal problem," Pareja said.

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